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Curbside Takeout Available.

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What does it mean to be a "Southern" kitchen?

Lots of fresh veggies and bubbly hot mac & cheese? Check. The sweet smell of peach cobbler? Of course. Duke's Mayo by the gallon? You know it. Thick cut bacon, fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese and mile high corn bread? Duh. Messes of greens and beans, salty country ham and piping hot biscuits? Yep. Throw in some fresh cut meats, ocean fresh seafood, warm your belly casseroles, savory pot pies and pastas and you start to get the idea.  

Southern cookin' makes you good lookin'

A real southern girl should own an iced-tea pitcher and a deviled-egg plate

But here at 501 North we also know that some of the best southern food was inspired and brought to our shores by the immigrants that make up this here melting pot we call 'Merica. French, Creole, Italian, African, Greek, Asian, Irish, Spanish, the list goes on. Their influence helped create what we now commonly refer to as "Southern" food and we hope our menu honors the recipes and especially the hospitality of the South. 


featured entrees

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We're sorry, but due to limited availability, our regular menus will not be available, please consult the Curbside Take Out Menu for curbside pickup and delivery orders.

Fancy Flatbreads
Gone Fishin'

Fish &  Chips as it should be, wild caught Pollock, piled high and house cut fries.  If you're more of an oyster person, we bake them, fry them (PoBoys) or shuck them and bypass the cooks.


Oysters, mushrooms, duck Confit, our chef says there's more to a flatbread than basil and tomato.  Of course we'll serve that up too


From the Ranch

8 oz Sirloin, 12 oz Ribeye, Shepherds Pie, and Granny's meatloaf. If it grazes, we cook it. Including all those comfort foods to make you feel good.


Two handed food

Fried Bologna, fried chicken, crab cakes. We'll even take you to France for our "French Melt" We're not just talking finger food, this here's a two handed experience.

Eat your greens

A healthy plate of greens, then  throw in the good stuff. Goat cheese, Tandoori chicken, crispy fried chicken or Hail Caesar.

Those Po' boys

Oysters, Shrimp and Fried Chicken Thighs. All our Po'Boys are served on Leidenheimer bread and served with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and of course pickles.



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While waiting on further guidance from our health and government officials, we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to only provide CALL AHEAD curbside delivery and delivery. Payment will be required by phone when the order is placed. Doing so will support the recommended “social distancing.”   

We will continue to offer our Curbside Take Out Menu.
Refrigerated prepared foods (to be heated at home) will also be available.
Please watch our Facebook page and websites for updates and current offerings. We're sorry,

but during this time our regular menu will be be available.

We are also still selling beer and wine for take out and delivery. All bottles of wine are currently 40% off. Of course as required by law, the recipient must be 21 or older and provide ID.

First responders, unemployed restaurant workers and hospital healthcare workers will receive a 40% discount, excluding alcohol.

Just call us at 757-937-5011 to place your order

Corner Market

We're still working on our Corner Market website, but in the meantime here's a
starting price list for you to begin shopping from. Just call your order in to the number above and we'll deliver curbside.

*Some menu items may be unavailable due to the current situation.


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