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What does it mean to be a "Southern" kitchen?

Lots of fresh veggies and bubbly hot mac & cheese? Check. The sweet smell of banana pudding or peach cobbler? Of course. Duke's Mayo by the gallon? You know it. Thick cut bacon, fried green tomatoes and mile high corn bread? Duh. Messes of greens and beans, hot wings and pork belly burnt ends? Yep. Throw in some fresh cut meats, ocean fresh seafood, warm your belly casseroles, blue plates and cajun pastas and you start to get the idea.  

Southern cookin' makes you good lookin'

A real southern girl should own an iced-tea pitcher and a deviled-egg plate

 But here at 501 North we also know that some of the best southern food was inspired and brought to our shores by the immigrants that make up this here melting pot we call 'Merica. French, Creole, Italian, African, Greek, Asian, Irish, Spanish, the list goes on. 

 Their influence helped create what we now commonly refer to as "Southern" food

and we hoped our opening menu honored the recipes of the South. 

Although we still try hard to offer a wide selection, COVID came to town early last year and it seemed we had to say good bye to our large menu as quickly as we introduced it.  

Since then, we've tried our best over the past year to bring back some of

your favorites and will continue to do so as things eventually get back to some

semblance of normal...whatever that even means in a new post Covid world.

In the meantime, we are so grateful for all the support and patience you

all have shown us through what has been a hell of a challenging time for all of us.  

As we all know too well, masks and social distancing are

still mandated and we thank you in advance for your continued cooperation. 

We will continue to to do our best to keep you  and our employees safe at 501

and appreciate your help by doing your part.  

We hope and look forward to 2021 being a much better year ahead for all of us. 

May God bless you and this beautiful country we call home.



featured entrees

Gone Fishin'

The BEST fish & chips in town, wild caught Pollock, piled high with fries and slaw.  Fresh shucked oysters, fried up right. Fresh "dry packed" scallops, lump crab cakes and plump shrimp are always done right and pan seared or hand-breaded to order.



She crab soup, fried green 'maters,

pork belly burnt ends, poutine, hummus and more. Whether something to share or eat by your lonesome, we got the snacks. 


From the Ranch

Baked chicken, country fried steak, tender baby back ribs, classic meatloaf and more. If it grazes, we cook it. Including all those comfort foods to make you feel good.


Two handed food

Fried chicken, crab cakes, big fish sammies and half pound burgers always made with fresh ground beef. We'll even take you way down south for our"Texas" Dip.  We're not just talking finger food, this here's a two handed experience.

Eat your greens

A healthy plate of greens, then  throw in the good stuff. Goat cheese, dried cranberries, pecans, chicken, tuna, shrimp. Hell, in the South we even put bacon on our caesar. Is that wrong?


Six dollar burgers on Mondays, 

taco and margaritas on Tuesdays, meatloaf Wednesdays and the deals go on the rest of the week!

Let us do the cooking tonight!




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Patio Dining 

It's a little chilly now but spring is around the corner so we'll be serving

on our patio from 12pm to closing again before you know it! 

Check out our NEW Nightly Specials Line up!

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Carry out pickup also available

Just call us at 757-937-5011 to place your order.


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at the bar

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